VW Bisop Bus  Planter: Sunset

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This concrete masterpiece tells a story of diligence, hard work, and reliability. For Winsome my cousin, these buses represent more than just a means of transportation, they hold a sentimental value and serves as a beautiful tribute to her father Bishop Davidson, a man who was known for his reliable nature and ability to fix any Volkswagen. Bring a piece of history and craftsmanship into your home with the VW Bishop Bus. Product details: Eco friendly, sustainable and green by design for the healthy house Handcrafted from concrete for one-of-a-kind appeal. Due to the porous nature of concrete each piece may have small holes lending a beautifully imperfect finish. During a unique aging process colors may vary from pot to pot and may be darker or lighter than pictured. Natural sealer/Food Safe/Non-Toxic / Flat Concrete Finish Small | 3.4” x 5” x 2.4