Become a World Changer

We're on a mission to celebrate organizations that are on the ground doing the work to build up our female community and help change our little corner of the world. We are so proud to partner with female-owned, run, or focused organizations to curate events that empower and cultivate our lives and our community. When you're any part of That Girl + Co, you're That Girl that's part of a movement that brings us together for a greater good. So whether you're taking a class, attending an event, or shopping our boutique, you won't just be doing yourself some good, you'll be doing so much good for the girls around you.

Check out our Partners in Change HERE.

How does it work?

Each quarter, we partner with an organization and donate a portion of our event and retail proceeds to their cause!  We use our platform to bring awareness to their cause and help trickle the effect.

Interested in becoming a partner or featured organization?

Amazing! Just email us at and we'll be in touch. We can't wait to connect!