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Who are we?

That Girl + Co is a lifestyle studio where we host powerful, hands-on workshops rooted in project-based learning + events that empower while giving back to our female community. We also offer carefully curated boutique items that will inspire you and design services that give you all the ways to make everything around you beautiful.

We empower women + girls through inspired boutique items, design, classes and events. We're here to provide you with everything you need to create the life you dream of and put the power (literally!) into your hands.

Meet the girls behind That Girl + Co!

The Studio
In the studio you'll find hands-on workshops with a purpose and workshops to for fun + creativity. Unwind, be inspired, and connect, all while making a difference supporting our greatest asset - women and girls! Our workshops empower and awaken your perseverance + resilience and give you the tools (literally + figuratively!) to be That Girl that believes she can do anything! {Spoiler alert: you actually can do anything!}

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The Events

We partner with female-focused organizations to curate events that empower and cultivate our lives and our community. All events raise money for a named charity or organization so while you're finding your zen, learning some self-defense, or anything else we're putting together, you'll be doing SO. MUCH. GOOD.

We're on a mission to celebrate organizations that are on the ground doing the work to build up our female community and have some fun while doing it. When you’re a part of one of our empowerment events, you're That Girl that's part of a movement that brings us together for a greater good. Because as girls, there is nothing we can't do if we do it together.

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The Boutique
Our boutique showcases handmade and carefully curated products designed to inspire and help you create a beautifully lived-in life.  

We're proud to feature female vendors and purpose-driven makers that are socially and environmentally conscious. So, you can be the girl that outfits herself and her home with beauty, or you can be That Girl that does that while also making the world around her a better, more beautiful place for other women.

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The Design Studio

Your home is the structure and support from which everything comes. The power of being in a space you love and a space that is authentically you is enormous! So we've brought together two of the most wonderfully kind and talented designers to offer services that will help you create a space you adore. From virtual design boards to complete do-it-all-for-you services, you'll get to work with our girls to build a space around you that you will adore and be That Girl that falls in love with your surroundings.

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You're already That Girl. We're just here to help you realize that.

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