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That Girl

Massiel Ullsmith {mah-see-el all-smith}
Founder | Creative Director
Hi! I'm the heart + mind behind That Girl + Co. Somewhere between raising 3 girls and a love for designing + creating, I found that the true beauty of working with my hands wasn't in the final project but in who I was becoming as a direct result of it. Over a decade ago, with just a hand saw and a nail gun, and without realizing it, strength and confidence were being built right alongside accent walls and dining rooms tables. Designing, creating, and completing projects has awakened a resilience in me that has allowed me to dream beyond what I thought was possible for myself as a girl. I believe that every girl has that same resilience in her but I know not every girl has a space to realize it. And I believe that creativity, community, and encouragement have the power to heal and catalyze change - for us and for the world around us. So, with the very best girls by my side (my '+Co') I have made it my mission to create a space that awakens and nourishes all of it. A space where every girl can find the power in her to design and create the life she dreams of and where we can do better for the world of girls around us. Because every girl is 'That Girl' - that girl who can do and be anything.


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