Happiness Journal / A space to stay positive and reflect on the good

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This guided journal is meant to be a 5 minute daily gratitude journal that you can do in the evening to reflect on your day and bring out the positive events that happened so you are ready for a peaceful rest. Thinking about the good parts of your day, the things you are grateful for and your truths.

  • A page to write your mantras, 5 things to quit, 5 things to remember, + your goals
  • A page to look back on whenever you do not feel centered, to guide you back to your truths
  • A page for the end of the week to reflect and highlight positive aspects + things learned
  • A page at the end of every month to look back + reflect on the month as a whole
  • A page at the end of the year when you have completed the journal there is a collective reflection page where you can reflect on the year as a whole, learn from the year and set goals for next year
  • Each month is separated by an inspirational quote that has brought meaning and motivation to us and is meant to inspire you throughout the year
  • The journal is undated so you can start at any point in the year


Designed + produced by a small female-owned business in California.