Funny Needed Another Candle Gift For Her Funny Candle: 30cl Pink - 45hr Burn Time / Pink Blossom

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A fun call-out gift for the friend with a candle problem. The message on the candle reads, 'I absolutely needed another candle’ in our signature bold red font on a pale pink label. Each glass candle is filled with a natural soy wax and premium fragrance oil. 100% recyclable packaging. Pick from: 200ml clear candle - 25 hour burn time 300ml clear candle - 45 hour burn time 300ml pink candle - 45 hour burn time Our fragrances: Secret Beach Club Escape to distant shores with this indulgent combination of coconut, pineapple and peach. Raspberry Kisses A deliciously sweet scent of ripe raspberries combined with the familiar scent of vanilla. Chilled Vibes Calming, fresh and light, this scent is reminiscent of relaxing spa days. Holy Smokes A rich, masculine scent with subtle earthy notes of tobacco and oak.