Calming the Storm | Peace Be Still | Jesus | Christian Gift

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Altered Collection: Colors that represent altering moments in the Bible Our lives can often feel as though they are spinning out of control, and we are left grasping at whatever we can, with fear and anxiety filling our hearts. That is exactly what was happening to the disciples on the boat with Jesus as waves were crashing around them, and Jesus was sleeping peacefully through it all. They awoke him, frightened, and Jesus stood up and told the wind and waves, “Peace, be still!” and they became still. He then asked, “why are you so afraid, have you still no faith?” When life feels out of control, know that your God is in control of it all, even if you don’t see the full picture yet. Be still and let His peace fill your heart. Product measures 3.5" x 3.5" with artwork on front. Open up to reveal story behind the piece and corresponding stone representing the story. Stone: Gray Agate Chain: 18" Gold Plated Brass Artwork by Jenessa Wait