Our Creative Studio

That Girl + Co is a lifestyle studio where we host powerful, hands-on workshops rooted in project-based learning and offer carefully curated boutique items that will inspire you. 

Every workshop is about building not just a beautiful project but skills that you can take with you. You'll walk away feeling empowered and stronger than when you walked in.  Our studio is a space where every girl can flourish in her creativity, build on skills she already has, and learn new skills that could become a passion.  

We offer Workshops with Purpose that provide the opportunity to connect and have unfiltered conversations about specific topics.  These workshops can feature speakers and always have an element that gives back to our female community.  

We also offer workshops for fun!  Unwind, create, and make memories in our creative workshops and open studio.  With a variety of projects, there's always something to choose!

No matter which workshop you choose, they're all meant for you to walk away with a memorable experience and a connection. 

Are you ready to start creating?  Head to our OUR CLASS + EVENT CALENDAR HERE to grab your seat!