Intro to Tools



Let's put our power to work!

 In these workshops you will learn tool use and safety, team building and have fun doing it!  You will be trained to use a variety of shop tools and equipment to begin your woodworking adventure. Following your hands on training, you will form small groups, where you will collaborate to take a design from conceptualization to completion as you find solutions to everyday problems using reclaimed materials. 

What we promise you will get from this event is tool training, team building, confidence and fun using woodworking tools.

Please note that this is a skill building workshop. Participants will work in small groups to design and build something that will allow them to practice the new skills they learned. Individuals will not be making an item to take home with them.


Participants may get trained on any of the tools listed below. Tools will vary from class to class. You will then use the tools to work in small groups to make something from a prompt revealed at the workshop.

Drills (you will always learn about drills!)

Drill Press


Hand saw

Miter saw

Orbital sander

And whatever other tools you may need to complete the project!