Design Team

Lindsay Reams 

Interior Designer   |   Design Studio

Hi! I’m Lindsay - lover of all things design-related. I’m obsessed with taking a room or exterior and turning it into a dream space. When I am working on a space in my own house, for a client or a friend… it consumes me (in the best way! :)  

I've been designing interiors for almost 20 years and have helped clients tackle a wide variety of their design needs. From whole home to single room designs, transforming a client's space has never been "work". What's especially important to me is meeting my clients where their budget is. Great design is a luxury that does not have to cost a fortune. There are BEAUTIFUL things in every budget — and I have a gift for finding them.

A little more about me. I run a successful design business (think logos, websites, print design - design loft, inc.), am a mom to three amazing boys, 3 adorable dogs and 2 (not so mini) pigs. Yep, pigs! My family and friends are my life and if I could describe myself in three words they would be...Loyal. Creative. Fun. 

Whether you have Pinterest boards you have been obsessing over, just one inspiration pic, or you have absolutely no vision at all…I’d love to help you create a space you'll love to call home.

Claudia McLynn

Room Decorator   |   Design Studio 

Hey, girl! I'm Claudia. I have been decorating homes and staging real estate properties for over 10 years. For as long as I can remember, my love of decorating rooms for friends, family, and clients has been all I've ever *really* wanted to do. I love to find a great piece of wall art or an eye-catching pillow, and use that one piece as a starting point to decorate and style entire rooms. 

When I'm not decorating for clients or staging homes, I'm hanging with my two beautiful teenage daughters and our two pups. Teenage girls in the house means there is always designing and decorating going on! With very different styles, they've challenged my perspective on what beautiful design can be.

My decor style is vast and continues to grow. I've found that most often, clients know what they like and they just need a little help identifying it and putting it together. Whether it's a paint color, pillow, or piece of furniture you love, when we go with it, the room not only transforms, but it transforms into something that is uniquely you. Because the most beautiful rooms aren't just styled, they're styled with a reflection of your personal taste + life and make your house feel like home.

Your perfect room is already in your home. I'm just here to help you bring it together with the perfect balance of your life + style.